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About us
SAGE is not anti-medicine, anti-chemo or anti-radiation… Sage is PRO-LIFE! SAGE aims to educate, guide and support families on a “do no harm” policy. SAGE will do whatever is needed in order to help, support and guide each family through their decisions during such a stressful time in life.


Despite enormous donations to the cause of cancer, the repeated failures of differing protocols and lack of an official cure within oncology, medical treatment is the most common route taken when diagnosed with cancer, especially within childhood cancer. In countless cases, the medical model appears to have done more harm than good, Sophia being one of those cases. SAGE also aims to provide more truth within the medical protocols only so that a complete educated decision can be made on behalf of each family. If the medical route is what the family decides, SAGE is willing to guide them towards resources for an integrative care plan to help support and protect the rest of the body from the possible dangers associated with that treatment. SAGE will also guide to resources in order to detoxify after invasive treatments in order to prevent secondary cancers in life from forming.

SAGE has two supporting businesses being built that will give all procceds directly to SAGE. Please check out the other ways that Sophia is helping bring awareness within health, wellness and cancer. Sophia's Wellness Store and United Hands for Worldwide Wellness will be coming soon! Check back for details and discounts for the grand opening.

A Mom with Multiple Missions...
A Mom with Multiple Missions...
Sophia is the sunshine of my life... and continues to be even though she is no longer with me in physical form. I started working on this non-profit while Sophia was going through all of her treatment. I saw what a huge gap there was in the medical model of cancer and the natural approach. I saw how easy it is to slip through the cracks even when you are "properly educated to not let it happen to you". It happened to me, it happened to our family, but more importantly... it happened to Sophia!

Sophia was a honorable and brave girl that stepped up to the plate and allowed her life to serve countless purposes in many people's lives even though she is no longer here on earth. She inspired me from the moment of conception and continues to do so each day I continue to live. Through Sophia's journey, I wanted to do everything I could imaginable to help her heal. It was a scary and hectic journey for only 8 short months. There were many moments that it was unreal and out of control. There were many moments of helplessness because the right resources were not available at the time we needed them to be. Although I knew and begged the rest of the family to not proceed with chemo due to it's lack of success... I was denied what I wanted to do for my daughter's life. I NEVER want any parent to feel the way I did and to continue on everyday wondering, "What if the timetables would have been different?"... "What if I would have had that resource then?"... "What if we had options other than chemo?"... "What if, what if, what if?!?!". This will be my life as I miss Sophia every moment, but I refuse to allow it to be any other parent's life. That is why I started this non-profit and outreach project. To share our experience and to make a difference!

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