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We Will Do Whatever We Can To Help...
We Will Do Whatever We Can To Help...

SAGE offers families of children with cancer resources and referrals to as many possible treatment options that run on a “do no harm” principle as well as research within their child’s specific diagnosis. 

SAGE is an organization that is a direct response to the growing numbers associated with childhood cancer and the need to save as many lives as possible through peaceful, healthful and empowering choices. Unfortunately as of 2008, nearly 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer. As of 2012, every 38 minutes or 27 minutes on weekdays, a child is diagnosed with cancer, 38 children get cancer every day, 7-8 children die everyday from cancer and a child dies from cancer every 3 hours, 11 minutes and 40 seconds. 

Currently it is 2016 and these numbers are growing at an alarming rate, which means more children are losing their lives. This also means that more children are suffering, more families are in mourning and more children are without their brother or sister. This also means that it is time for a change! It is time for new approaches and new organizations such as SAGE to help make that happen.

The goal of the organization is to give other possible options aside from medical one's promenantly given so that they can make the best educated decision possible for their child. Ultimately health and healing is up to each individual and in the case of a child, it is mainly up to the parents. It is very easy to listen to everything that a medical doctor or oncologist will say at a time like this due to fear for your child’s life, therefore an organization like SAGE is available to have beyond a second option and possible options for diagnostic treatment through referals we have found.

It is also very common for the true risks and procedures to not be completely explained to the parents at a time like this. It is hard to think of questions to ask the doctor in order to completely understand what could occur and what is currently going on. SAGE will be sure to serve those families in helping them to ask the proper questions so that they can understand what is happening with their child, what all is involved with the treatment options they are being offered and risks versus benefits so that they can make the best educated decision they can. This is an extremely tough time and it is very important that a well thought out decision not based on fear is the one that is made.

SAGE will focus primarily on children diagnosed with cancer, yet will serve anyone who needs and asks for help. No matter what the diagnosis, SAGE aims to provide comprehensive solutions to attain health and peace of mind during such a trying time. With a cancer diagnosis, a parent or someone seeking a cure needs to be willing to learn all that comes with a cancer diagnosis and all of the changes that are needed to occur. This is only the beginning of the process. 

Over time, SAGE will create a program that allows individual’s from the organization to travel to personally help these children and families with the learning curves associated with dietary and lifestyle changes, supplementation, therapies done at home, within the surrounding area and more. Healing should occur on a plane that is unforgettable, empowering, and full of knowledgeable choices. That is a goal of SAGE.


Serving With Principles...
The mission of SAGE is the pursuit of the following eight principles –


  • Do No Harm – A diagnosis of cancer is related to a poor immune and lymph system. Medical protocols do not take this into consideration by their extremely invasive treatment. In order to not further damage the systems that aren’t working in the first place, treatments that do not harm the immune, lymph and all organs and cells of the body make more sense when true healing is the desired outcome.
  • Intent – SAGE’s intent is to educate the public that medical treatments are not the only way to cure cancer and that natural methods, when used in conjunction with each other with a professional, can be very effective and do not harm other tissues and cells in the body like chemo and radiation therefore bringing the body to an even higher level of health.
  • Integrity- It is crucial when working with anyone and providing information on such a serious diagnosis that it is done with absolute healthful intent and integrity.
  • Responsibility – The focus for SAGE is to empower families with a cancer diagnosis to make the best, well thought out, educated decision concerning the care of their child.
  • Commitment – SAGE is committed to saving children’s lives by providing research and resources in order to heal each child individually and without doing harm.
  • Support – At a time like this, better decisions can be made when a support system is available. SAGE will do everything it can to provide the families with what they need in order to increase the rate of healing and survival from cancer.
  • Possibility – SAGE wants to expand the perspective within cancer treatment and make them aware that medical treatment isn’t the only option available for healing. 

A few things we will be offering...
  • Cancer Cure Checklists – this will be a list that covers the many causes of cancer and to be sure that it is being approached from all angles.
  • Overall Recommended Supplements – supplements can play a huge role in reducing side effects from invasive protocols and improving overall immunity that is needed in healing from cancer.
  •  Lifestyle Coaching – nutrition, food preparation, food storage, water quality, household product safety, supplementation, exercise, detoxification, healthy mental thoughts/imagery and more are all crucial areas that need to be addressed as well.
  • Professional Referrals – there are many amazing health professionals that have dedicated their lives and work to curing cancer without harmful methods. It is very important to find the right person or team of people for your child and family.
  • Machine and Device Overview – there are several machines like the Resonant Light Machine, VariZapper and MOPA 400 that are known to fight cancer as well. Using machines like this to address as many possible causes is extremely important in not only healing from cancer but staying cancer free for life.
  • Other Supportive Health Modality Recommendations – chiropractic care, reflexology, differing forms of energy work and more are all great ways to help heal from cancer.
  • Financial support – as the non-profit grows, a major goal of this organization is to provide financial support in areas as needed.
  • Hands on Help - as the non-profit grows, it is a goal to provide a team of individuals that will be able to travel to the families home and show them any lifestyle recommendations, walk them through getting their child to take supplements, teaching healing modalities that can be done by the lay person from home, teaching organic box farming and more.


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