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Sophia's Story
Sophia's Story
This short story doesn't even come close to the true magnitude and magnificence that Sophia brought to this life. I titled this "Sophia's Story" however this is far from the complete story of her life. What I have shared below is her story as far as the last 8 months of her life while diagnosed with cancer. Please read what she has offered in sharing so that you can understand and share with others the many purposes that her sacred life has to offer.

Sophia is a little girl that was diagnosed in August 2011 with PNET, the second most aggressive form of childhood brain cancer. Three days prior to her emergency diagnosis, she merely displayed symptoms of an average cold/flu. Finally on August 28th, 2011... Sophia went into convusions and was rushed to the emergency room. They performed an MRI immediately and came to us with the results. They informed us how sorry they were, but Sophia was not going to make it through the night due to a 6cm tumor in the left frontal lobe of her brain. Thankfully a miracle happened and a doctor took a chance. He removed a section of her skull in hopes the inflammation would go down in order for eventual resection of the tumor. It worked! A few days later, Sophia had her first surgery to remove as much as the tumor as possible. The surgery went successfully and we now just had to pray she woke up. The doctor informed us on all of the possibilities we now faced post surgery. He resected her entire left frontal lobe and part of her right. We were told it would be a miracle if she came out of this normally, but he got all of the tumor.

As they lowered her coma inducing medications, Sophia began to wake up. She began to respond and move around. They informed me that she will have visual problems with her right eye due to the surgeon clipping that cranial nerve and they were concerned because she couldn't turn her head to one side and demonstrated weakness on her right side compared to her left. Thankfully, I am a chiropractor and I knew it a good part of it should be helped with a quick adjustment and the body will handle the rest as it is suppossed to. Sure enough after one adjustment, she was turning her head equally and had equal strength thoughout her body. Yeah!!! Step one accomplished and we were soon out of intensive care where we could stay all night with her.

Immediately after entering her own room, we had a family friend come and do Jin Shin Jsytsu on Sophia. The very next day she started to talk and come back into herself. We kept up the energy sessions and within a week our little girl was almost as if nothing had happened, aside from her scars and swelling. Once the peice of her skull was replaced during another surgery, there were no evidence of visual problems whatsoever! Sophia surpassed even more than expected!

We were in the hospital for a little over 3 weeks, but I am proud to say that Sophia walked out and crawled into a taxi to go home while holding my hand. It was one of the happiest and most memorable moments of my life! The upcoming weeks we focused on changing her diet based on Nourishing Traditions Cookbook and other cancer nutritional resources. We looked into improving all water sources in our home and removing any toxic items from our home. The hospital kept calling us to start chemotherapy, but it never felt like an option to me considering all the dangerous things I found through research and the overall low success rate with high risk of internal, permanent damage possible in a child Sophia's age.

A few weeks later, they wanted to do another MRI to see what was going on even. They called us in for the scan results to inform us that she had a remaining tumor on the right side that was never previously able to be operated on. This was a huge surprise to us considering the surgeon himself told us several times that he was able to remove 100% of the tumor during the first surgery. I couldn't believe that I was now suppossed to trust anything the medical team had to say at this point due to such a huge miscommunication and improper delivery of such crucial information. Needless to say, Sophia needed another surgery to remove the remaining tumor. In the beginning of November 2011, Sophia successfully had 100% of her tumor removed, for real this time! This time the surgeon post surgery informed me that she will no longer be able to smell and taste due to him clipping those cranial nerves. I was appauled by this information but knew that the body can heal in miraculous ways. I decided to test all of his theories and see what was going on. Upon trying to give her medication, I learned Sophia could taste... she loved food so this was so great to find out. I do believe she may have had issues with smell, but it is hard to test a 2 year old in this area.

While healing post surgery in the hospital, they kept insisting chemotherapy and we still denied it. Immediately after leaving the hospital, I had Sophia scheduled to go to the Budwig center in Malaga, Spain. We left 2 days after we were released from the hospital and started a regimin of many natural cancer fighting products. Unfortunately, we were rushed out of Malaga for an emergency meeting at the hospital. They felt that we were ingnoring their suggestions and needed us to sign release papers in order to legally protect them from our decisions for Sophia's care.

At the same time, we were introduced to a oncologist that studied and specialized in PNET. He no longer worked in pediatric oncology, however was willing to review Sophia's case and offer a second opinion on her possibility of a cure. Even though he was 75% confident that she would not only heal, but have a cure for life with this protocol... I was far from convinced. It still didn't resonate with me and my innate told me to continue on the natural, harm free plan that we were on. However, the other portion of the family did not agree with me and soon my husband was in agreeance with the chemo protocol the hospital was offering. I was in horror that everything that had previously been discussed and agreed upon got thrown out the window. I was in even more horror that for the first time I felt hopeless and like the decsion was being made based on pressure and pure fear. To make a long story short, I did not get what I had planned for Sophia and she started chemotherapy within a week or two. So at that time I had recieved a link via email introducing me to KICT out of England and I immediately started working with Kevin Wright on ideas to help Sophia through chemotherapy.

Sophia started taking several supplements that served as protectors to the body during such invasive treatment. She also continued to take her natural cancer fighting supplements, got chiropractically adjusted almost daily, at least 2 hours of energy work each day, continued on a gluten free, sugar free diet and much more. I continued to search for more healthcare professionals that could help her heal in any way. I also had other long distance healers working on Sophia throughout the majority of her diagnosis. I knew that chemo still was not the solution and something else needed to be figured out.

Sophia did magnificent throughout her treatments. She never vomited or had any side effects show up as a result of chemotherapy. She maintained and even gained weight during some weeks. No one would have know she was a little girl living with cancer other than the scar on her head from surgery and her little chemo buddha head. All of the nurses and doctors were amazed at Sophia's stamina and strength. They kept asking us what we were doing to keep her so healthy and uneffected by chemo.

Despite this positive feedback, my gut still told me that something wasn't right. I asked her oncology team when we could do a scan . This was before she even fisnished her 1st cycle. They told me immediately after her 2nd cycle. Once that time came, they changed their minds and decided to wait one more cycle to make sure there were results. This made no sense to me and I tried to fight them on it. My gut told me that something wasn't right and scan needed to be done immediately. Due to the language barrier and my husband trusting their course of actions, a scan didn't occur until after Sophia's 3rd cycle which was in February 2012. At that time, they pulled me into a room alone and told me that chemo had failed and treatment had to be stopped immediately. Her tumor went from virtually non-existant to 5 cm in her frontal lobe and a completely new tumor in her right temporal lobe. All in 9 weeks time when she had NEVER experienced that rapid rate of growth prior to chemo. They gave Sophia 3 weeks to live. I wasn't surprised of the results considring my gut had been telling me something of this nature for quite some time now. I quietly walked out of the room, grabbed Sophia and held her tight and left. I still had faith that answers would be found and something good would come of all of this.

I immediately came home and called Kevin. He was the voice of an angel explaining to me that a cure can still be within our reach, but we had to do everything possible, as fast as possible. He gave me a few contacts and I started to explore options for Sophia. I was led to an amazing natural oncology doctor in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Serge Jurasunas had 40 years of oncology under his belt and a great and alarming success rate. I called and scheduled Sophia for an appointment within days. He informed me how serious her situaltion was but he would do everything he could to help. Serge specialized in DNA therapy and much more. I knew that if anyone had the information and experience to help Sophia, it would be him!

When we got to his office in Lisbon, a blood test was done to determine the cause of her cancer. It took almost 3 weeks for the results, but he had Sophia start several new supplements and natural cancer killers in the meantime. He truely approached eliminating cancer from nearly every angle possible. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone understand and live the same truth that I found about healing cancer naturally. Once we got the blood test results, Serge was hopeful for the first time. Somehow we had done something throughout Sophia's care to change a major gene called Survivan. This gene showed up okay in the results and was one on the main ones that Serge felt would hinder Sophia's healing. Sophia did however have to activate P53, other genes and mitochondial activity. For this Serge gave us more products that would help in this area.

Overall, Sophia seemed to be doing fantastic! Her hair was growing back and she was full of even more life and love. I had faith she was going to heal. There were a few bumps in the road such as a Hickman infection and her body eventually rejecting the Hickman device... however she was strong and got through it all smiling. In the beginning of May 2012, Sophia started to complain of back and belly pain. It was alarming and scary to think about. In one fast day, Sophia started to show weakness in her legs and the very next day was unable to walk. We took her in for a scan to find out the worst. Sophia's tumors had not only grown, but metastised to her entire spine. The good side was that her new treatment has stopped the rate of tumor growth by half!

They told us nothing could be done and sent us home with at home hospital care. At this time Sophia was still acting as much of herself spiritually but definitely not physically. We brought her home and she seemed to slightly get weaker each day. She asked me about her legs working and I told her we would figure out how to heal her and to not lose faith. However, I feel Sophia was discouraged and decided that she wanted to heal in a way that only she and those that have passed on can understand.

On May 9th, 2012... my best friend in the whole world moved into the light with her guardian angels by her side. It was such a beautiful and sorrowful experience. Candles were lit and music was playing as she took her last breath in this life. She was missed the second she left and I continue to cry everyday. I miss my best freind, my monkey, my teddy bear... she was and will forever be everything to me. Thankfully Sophia's big sister Eva is just as strong and amazing as Sophia. She is helping so many of us heal through her understanding and strength of her sister's passing. I am blessed that in this life... I birthed two angels. I just now have one on each side and can't wait for us to all be together again!

Although all of her supplements did a great job protecting her from the side effects of chemo, it didn't protect her from chemo progressing her disease! Throughout this entire process, Sophia showed not only the doctor's and nurses how to defy the "laws of medicine" and even the "laws of DNA", but instilled in all that helped her an example of true strength, love and everlasting life. We are also still in the process of figuring out exactly what was done to help change Sophia's Survivin gene so that way Sophia can help others that are in need of what she genetically accomplished. 

No matter what, Sophia continues to live in me and all that love her. She has chosen to be a guide to help people in the future understand a proper way of healing and the proper order of decisions needed to accomplish true health and healing throughout life! Please share Sophia's story with all those that you love. She has already touched the lives of thousands and will continue to do so for decades to come!

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